Bug: 64993

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Bug: 64993

#801 İleti | sabriunal | 30 Tem 2013, 16:38

Kaynak: https://www.libreoffice.org/bugzilla/sh ... i?id=64993
Bildiren: Kobzeci
Durum: RESOLVED DUPLICATE of bug 51296

CONFIGURATION: No Hyperlink warning for Ctrl+Click is required to open links in Calc

Problem description:

With 4.0.3 release, the security setting for opening hyperlinks with "Ctrl-Click", Calc has missing warning on mouseover or on clicks.

It should warn the user that Ctrl+click is required to open hyperlinks.

This is a very important notice, as we see there is lots of bug reported saying "Hyperlinks are not working after 4.0.3". We cannot expect everybody to see detailed changelogs.

Also this is a usability problem. We have corporate users, and such hyperlinks are widely used in their spreadsheets, having such problems will cause marketing problems there if it is persisted on more stable releases 4.0.4-5 etc..

Steps to reproduce:
1. See that security setting for hyperlinks activated on Tools-Options-Security - Security Options (ctrl-click required for hyperlink)
2. Create an hyperlink in Calc
3. Try to click it

Current behavior:

No warning provided that "Ctrl+Click to open hyperlink" or it is required

Expected behavior:

Warning and guidance is provided like Writer. Also additional information to disable this setting may be provided.

Best regards,

Operating System: All
Version: release
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İleti: 299
Kayıt: 31 Tem 2012, 23:26

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