Bug: 68547

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Bug: 68547

#1411 İleti | sabriunal | 15 Eyl 2014, 00:41

Kaynak: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=68547
Bildiren: Zeki Bildirici
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Basic Runtime Error on Turkish locale with user names containin "i" letter


First of all i must say this is a Turkish locale spesific error. We have two letters; I and i in contrast; in English I is capital i is lowercase.

In Linux systems, if the system language is Turkish and the username is containing "i" like my name "zeki" LibreOffice wizards and extensions which are based on Basic and requires a file path, simply does not work and gives runtime errors.

and as shown points the following line:

bIsTemplatePath = FieldInList("vor", sFileContent)

I'am attaching two screenshots from he file converter wizard.

As you may see the paths contain my username zeki, thus Basic somehow gets a runtime error.

When i've created a new user like, zeklo, everything is fine.

I'm not sure if we can find a solution in LibreOffice side, or may be solved by other upstream.

Best regards,
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