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Bug: 70347

#1412 İleti | sabriunal | 15 Eyl 2014, 00:45

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Thumbnails in Cells are not visible by LibreOffice


One of my friends shared a Stock Book spreadsheet created in Microsoft Excel. The interesting thing, they have applied a thumbnail function to relevant cells, which show the product's thumbnail photo on mouse over like a comment shown.

In LibreOffice this function does not works. All cells have the comment boxes open and empty. I don't know ods supports this feature, i have saved the file top Ods via Microsoft Office and opened it in MS Office, it was working but only in locale computer -i think it only saves the links to original xlsx file-.

I don't know it is a compalitability issue/a bug or enchancement.

But having this thumbnail function seems a very useful method while working on stuff like stock books or other inventory sheets which helps in visual interaction.

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Kayıt: 31 Tem 2012, 23:26

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