LibreOffice 4 Yaşına Girerken

LibreOffice 4 Yaşına Girerken

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LibreOffice will turn four this year

The Document Foundation was formed back in 2010, when a team of OpenOffice developers forked the project and created LibreOffice. Since then while Oracle unloaded the OOo burden on The Apache Foundation and the project continued its decline, LibreOffice experienced a steep growth.

We immediately approached the foundation and interviewed one of the founding members Italo Vignoli. It’s been four years now and LibreOffice has become a major Open Source product which is being used by governments and organizations around the globe.

The Document Foundation is doing more than just developing the LibreOffice, they are also creating a positive atmosphere for the adoption of Open Standard Document formats such as ODF. The UK government recently announced that they will use only open standard ODF for all government documents.

“LibreOffice has a key role in reducing the digital divide in countries where the native language is not English”, says Eliane Domingos, a Brazilian native, Deputy Chairman of The Document Foundation. “As a foundation independent from software vendors, we have the privilege of being able to look after user interests instead of running after sales targets or quarterly earnings releases”.

In these four years, the foundation spent most of their developer resources in cleaning up the junk code that piled up in Open Office for decades. While it may appear to an average user that not much is improving in LibreOffice, actually a lot is going on. The below image may explain what’s going on with LibreOffice.

Italo says, “In figures, this means eight major releases, close to 100 million downloads, over 800 new developers, a large number of active volunteers in every corner of the planet, and millions of desktops “migrating” from proprietary to free office suites.”

LibreOffice has achieved much more than that, it has also send a very strong message that an open source project doesn’t need the ‘ownership’ of a company to survive and grow; you can grow big independently.

Demonstrating their commitment to improve the code, the LibreOffice team just announced 4.3.2, the second minor release of LibreOffice 4.3 “fresh” family. Most of the over 80 fixes focus on interoperability issues when reading or writing Microsoft Office DOCX, XLSX and PPTX files.

You can download the latest release from this page:

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