Lithuanian police switched to LibreOffice

Lithuanian police switched to LibreOffice

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Now piloting use of Ubuntu Linux

The police force in Lithuania have switched to using LibreOffice. This free and open source suite of office productivity tools is implemented on over 8000 workstations. The police has started to test the use of workstations running Ubuntu Linux.

The savings were the main motive for the switch to LibreOffice, the police confirms in an email to the European Commission’s Open Source Observatory (OSOR). The switch saves the police EUR 1 million.

The completion of the transition was announced on June 30.Screenshot from the Lithuania Police force website
Management support

Key to the success of the switch is support by the top management, the police confirms by email: “Deputy Police Commissioner General D. Malaškevičius personally took care of the project, in direct contact with the IT department.”

“Changing to a slightly different desktop is very complicated”, the police writes in its announcement. “Once staff members realised the huge amounts of money we saved, they became open to change, and quickly adapted to using the LibreOffice word processor, spreadsheet, presentation application, its mathematics tool and database solution”, the statement quotes General Malaškevičius as saying.

“We did not have any specific change management plans, the police writes to OSOR. “The dates were set by the order of the Police Commissioner General.”
Next steps

LibreOffice is one of several open source solutions in use at the Lithuanian police. “About 30% of the software is open source”, the police writes. It uses this type of software for email, for project management and online file sharing.

The police is now testing the use of Ubuntu Linux. One unit, totalling nearly 50 workstations, have switched to Ubuntu, and will continue to use it until the end of this year.

The police in Lithuania did not contact their colleagues in France and Italy. In France, the Gendarmerie has 65,000 PC workstations running Ubuntu Linux and LibreOffice. In Italy, the Ministry of Defence expects to save EUR 26-29 million over the coming years by using LibreOffice on about 100,000 desktop workstations.

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